Audition Process

Once you submit your application, a worship team member will contact you to arrange an audition time. He or She will communicate with you prior to the rehearsal about the songs for your audition. Usually we ask that you learn 2-3 songs for the audition.

In some cases, it may be evident that an applicant's skills have not developed enough to serve on a regularly scheduled basis. Should this be the case, those conducting the audition will give some advice on how the applicant can improve. After some time and practice another audition may be scheduled.

If you are not sure about auditions, we invite you to come and hang out with the worship team during rehearsals for several weeks. Playing or singing with a new group of people can cause some to be nervous. Having multiple chances to meet those you will be serving alongside should help calm your nerves.


  1. Ability to stay on pitch
  2. Ability to stay in rhythym/click
  3. Ability to follow the loop/guide
  4. Ability to find harmonies
  5. Ability to sing harmonies with other people
  6. Understand when not to sing/when to sing
  7. Energy & expression with clapping, smiling, and leading with outward expression

2.     Expectations:

               a)    Punctuality- everyone's time is valuable; arrive early and respect others time

               b)    Attitude- be open to criticism and accept suggestions with a good attitude

               c)    Dress- dress code is relaxed; however abstain from wearing clothing that taxes the focus off of God or worship

​               d)    Flexibility- schedule, lineup, and set lists do change with short notice


  1. Ability to play what is on the song/recording
  2. Ability to improvise
  3. Ability to stay on click
  4. Ability to set up rig, sounds on Nord
  5. Good chord voicing.
  6. Know business vs grooviness
  7. Demonstrate dynamics and use pads for transitions
  8. Create good atmosphere using pads


  1. Ability to copy song/recording
  2. Ability to improvise
  3. Ability to stay on click
  4. Even strum patterns (especially acoustic)
  5. Dynamics: Loud/soft - Busy and groovy/simple
  6. Swells and atmosphere setting
  7. Control and understanding of equipment, specifically pedal board
  8. Ability to determine parts between EG1 and EG2


If you have any questions about auditioning, you can contact Trey Harris at the email below!


  1. Play the right note of chords. (Ex: A/C# - Bass plays C#, not A)
  2. Grooves with drummer. Notes placed well rythmically
  3. Plays in tune
  4. Ability to copy recordings
  5. Ability to improvise
  6. Dynamics are good: know when to be busier, know when to be delicate and decisive
  7. Stay on Click

1.     Commitment:

               a)    Musical Preparation-all materials are provided to you through Planning Center Online. Being prepared by rehearsing music at home is essential to being prepared for rehearsal and service.

               b)    Rehearsal- when scheduled to play, you are required to attend weekly rehearsal

               c)    Sunday Services- you are required to arrive on Sunday service by 7:30 a.m. and play two services

​               d)    Other Performances- worship team does play for other performances outside of Sunday services. You are expected to be available when possible

Instrument and Vocal Requirements:

               The following is a list of instrument and vocal requirements we look for in potential members of the worship team. Having all of the points is not a requirement, but this serves to give you an idea of the musical requirements for each position.

Weekly Schedule:

               >​ Monday-Wednesday

​                         Listen, memorize, and practice for Thursday rehearsal


                         Arrival and setup (6:45pm - 7:00pm)

                           Rehearsal- (7pm until .....)


                         Final run through and services (7:30am until .....)


  1. Ability to stay on the click
  2. Ability to hit consistently
  3. Demonstrate pattern consistency
  4. Demonstrate maturity of fills - timely, good taste
  5. Ability to copy recorded drum parts
  6. Transition moments executed well
  7. Dynamics are good: know when to be busy and when to be delicate and decisive
  8. Ability to improvise

Thank you for your interest in serving with the CrossPoint Worship Team. If God has gifted you with musical or technical talent, we want you to be able to use it for the benefit of His glory. There is a process to becoming a regularly scheduled member of the worship team. Here are the first few steps:​

In order to make every worship service successful, there is a level of commitment that is required from the worship team that exceeds other ministries.

  • Pray and consider your involvement.
  • Read and comprehend the following in its entirety
  • Fill out the application
  • Someone on the worship team will contact you about your application and schedule and audition time