Sunday Morning

Youth at CrossPoint Church are to stay in for the main adult service. Thy can sit with their families or we have a dedicated area up front for all youth to sit together.They also have YTH Nights every Wednesday at the church at 6:30PM Learn more about YTH here.

What About My Kid(s)?

What Do I Need To Know Before I Visit?

What About My Teenager(s)?

Doing Life Together


The atmosphere at CrossPoint Church is casual and relaxed. Dress how you like and come as you are. We recommend you arrive at least 15 or so minutes before service so you can get checked in and find a seat. Sit anywhere and in any seat you like. If you have any questions during your visit, feel free to ask any CrossPoint volunteer and they would be happy to show you around.


Can I Come If I'm ____________?

Fill in the blank with anything. At CrossPoint, we'll accept you just the way you are. No matter who you are or what you've done. You're sure to feel welcome at CrossPoint!

Service Times

We know that coming to a new church for the first time can be intimidating. At CrossPoint Church we believe that we were made to do life together. Everyone here at CrossPoint Church will be working to make your first time here amazing. Visit us anytime you want. You will feel right at home!

If you have any questions about us, just ask!

CrossPoint Church is located at:

3951 Greensboro Rd.

Ridgeway, VA (Map Below)

At CrossPoint Church we believe that kids should learn and have a blast at church. At KidsPoint your child's safety is our TOP priority and we have security measures in place to insure the safety of your child. Our kind and specially trained KidsPoint volunteers are dedicated to making your kid's time at KidsPoint their best hour of the week. KidsPoint is available for children from infants to 5th grade. Learn more about KidsPoint here.

You'll feel welcome at CrossPoint as soon as you pull in the parking lot on Sunday. Our Street2Seat team will greet you all the way from the time you pull in, to the time you sit down. Before grabbing a seat, stop by the Bistro for a free snack or drink. And then, after the experience, make sure to stop by the VIP Tent to get a free gift and learn more about CrossPoint.

Map & Directions

What Can I Expect When I Arrive On Sunday?