We believe that as people choose to serve, whether in our church, in the local community, or around the world, the impact of that service will change lives—for those serving, for the people they serve, and even for those who see them giving their time to help someone else.

CrossPoint places a high priority on serving others.


Street 2 Seat ministry includes our parking lot attendants, greeters, first time guest tent, and ushers. These people are the first touch anyone who attends CrossPoint Church receives. Friendly, helpful, outgoing people are a must for this ministry with a desire to make everyone feel welcome. Serving in Street 2 Seat could include holding an umbrella, parking a car, helping a mother with children find her way to check in her children, assisting the handicapped, or directing them to coffee and helping them find a seat. We have opportunities for people who serve in this ministry at both the 9:00 and 10:45 services.


Ever want to be a kid again? If you haven’t, then you’ll want to when you see the things that KidsPoint kids get to learn and do! Sure, every parents wants to be with that special little person that they love, but we can assure you that they’ll forget all about sitting in the quiet room with all the adults when they experience the fun and age appropriate environment prepared for them! Let your child learn and love church as they grow! After all, they’re the world changers of the future. To find out more about KidsPoint, please visit the KidsPoint page or KidsPoint Facebook page now!


Everything you see and hear in or around the Auditorium is due to our outstanding Production Crew. This team of technicians are responsible for not only setting up all equipment and wiring, but also are driven by their pursuit of excellence to give you the best video, lighting and sound quality that can be seen or heard during CrossPoint Worship Experiences, both in person, on TV and online. We strive weekly to bring the community God’s word through clear means.


Worship is an important time we’re given to lift Jesus’ name high and we never take it lightly. If you want to use such gifts to lift high the name of Jesus, then we would love to have you with us, using your talents to bless people each Sunday. We have auditions each year as needed, and are always looking for who God has sent to CrossPoint Church in order to lift our worship to new levels.


Compassion, Assistance, Restoration, and Encouragement is what this ministry is all about. C.A.R.E. assists in getting people to their next steps through discipleship, mentorship, prayer, benevolence, and other services. To learn more about the CARE team, visit the CARE page.


Want to let the community know how excited you are about what God’s doing? Love reading, and would like to choose from some great resources to help you grow in your walk with Christ? Have a favorite series that you would like to watch again or maybe give to a friend? Then stop by the Resource table and pick up a shirt, book, CD, DVD or sticker of your choice.

Youth Ministries

CrossPoint youth ministry offers relevant and exciting groups for 6th through 12th grades meeting each week.Middle and High School youth meet each Sunday at 5pm. Special events and youth led outreach activities can be found on our Facebook page. Find us on Facebook!