KidsPoint; CrossPoint's Childrens Ministry

KidsPoint is a children’s ministry designed with your child in mind. ALL children who attend CrossPoint, birth through fifth grade attend our KidsPoint environments. We are so passionate about kids learning about Jesus at an age appropriate level that we do not allow them into our services, which are designed for adults and high school students.

The Teams

Green TeamNursery for infant and toddlers.

Red Team: Preschool and Kingergarden

Blue Team: 1st Grade - 5th Grade

Purple Team: Special Needs (Infants - 5th Grade)

COPS: Children Of Parents Serving (Infants - 5th Grade) 


We are so blessed to have a Special Needs ministry for our children that need special love and attention. If your child has special needs, please sign them in at the Red Team area and let them know that you need our Special Needs class. This class is located right behind our Red Team location. We have trained volunteers, teachers from the Henry County and Martinsville school systems, that work with these children and cater to their needs.


The first thing you will encounter in your child’s age appropriate area will be the check-in stations. Check-in stations open 30 minutes prior to the service start times. Volunteers will be stationed at this area to sign your child in and give you your ticket to pick up your child. If your child has any allergies or special needs, please let a volunteer know at the check-in stations. When children enter KidsPoint they will be offered a snack and juice. Smaller children have a play time until time to get started. After snack, depending on the age group, the children will have praise and worship time and maybe a skit or puppet show. Then they break into smaller groups and rotate from station to station. Lesson will be one station, a craft maybe the next station and then a game or object lesson will be the next station. Children spend about 15 minutes per station. When everyone has had a turn at a station, we break into smaller groups and talk about what was learned that day. This is a great opportunity for processing information and building relationships within the group. Please have your ticket ready when you pick up your child.

Safety is our FIRST Priority:

  • Kidspoint Volunteers have background checks
  • We keep within the state regulations for children to volunteer ratios
  • We have a Security team that monitors our KidsPoint area
  • You will be given a tag with a number on it and your child will have the corresponding number. This is your claim ticket to pick up your child. If for some reason your child were to need you during the service that number will be displayed on the video screens in the auditorium.